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Terms and Conditions

Consultant acknowledges that it is providing the aforementioned information to Groundwork Inspections (GI), a division of Preferred Appraisal, Inc., for the purposes of determining if Consultant is a viable resource for providing home inspection services to GI. The submission of the aforementioned information shall not create any type of employment relationship. If GI and Consultant agree to enter into a written agreement for inspection services at a later date, Consultant hereby acknowledges that the following terms and conditions shall be made a part of such written agreement:

Privacy. Consultant agrees that any nonpublic personal information received from GI, its customer(s) and/or client(s) is to be used solely for GI’s business purpose. Relative thereto, Consultant shall comply with all applicable Federal and State laws which govern the dissemination of nonpublic personal information. Consultant acknowledges that any unauthorized dissemination of nonpublic personal information may subject Consultant to disciplinary action from applicable authorities, as well as termination of Consultant’s engagement with GI.

Independent Contracting Relationship. The Parties agree that based upon Internal Revenue Service guidelines, the working relationship between the Parties would be that of a contractor and independent contractor and not employer and employee. Consultant, as an independent contractor, shall be solely responsible for complying with all Federal and State income and withholding tax obligations. GI shall not be responsible for paying any employment taxes, worker compensation, disability or unemployment insurance premiums or payments under such engagement.

Licensing Requirements. Consultant shall maintain in good standing, during the engagement, Consultant’s professional license and shall comply with all laws, rules and regulations related thereto. In the event that Consultant’s license is suspended or terminated prior to, or during the engagement, Consultant shall immediately provide written notice to GI.

Photo Requirements. Consultant will need to take all photographs at the time the home inspection occurs. MLS photos, prior photos, images from internet mapping systems, et.. al. are not acceptable for use.